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Marshall Square (901/1001 Marshall)


Parking Concepts, Inc.

San Francisco Office

25 Division Street, Suite 107

San Francisco, CA 94103



Irvine Office

12 Mauchly, Building I

Irvine, CA 92618



Los Angeles

1801 South Georgia Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015


Parking Concepts, Inc. Regional Offices:

DFW - Dallas Fort Worth Airport

3217 S. 22nd Avenue
DFW Airport, TX 75261


  Parking Concepts Inc., provides advanced parking solutions to hospitals, stadiums, special events, offices and some of the busiest airports in the United States.  From valet parking to revenue control, PCI has a solution for you.  Our tag line is "¬Ä¬úTurning first impressions into lasting profits" because we know that parking is one of the first experiences your visitors have when they come to your facility.  The parking experience is the foundation of a great visit.  We only employ the highest level of staff and take pride in making you look your best.


Founded in 1974, Parking Concepts, Inc. has maintained a single mission -- to provide high quality, progressive and innovative parking services meeting our clients' image and financial goal.


Parking Concepts implements revenue control practices and procedures utilizing the most sophisticated software and information systems available today. We routinely make recommendations for the proper equipment and strategy to help reduce our clients' operating costs while increasing facility efficiency.



Parking Concepts Inc., developed www.monthlyPARK.com to provide a more effective marketing channel for the marketing and sale of monthly parking privileges at the facilities under our care.


In exercising our fiduciary responsibility, we found that marketing a "URL name" that fit a "need" delivered vastly improved financial results to our clients.


monthlyPARK.com links the customer directly into our online parking portal providing seamless billing and  accounting.  Our customer is provided with complete online account management capabilities.  Parking fees are drawn automatically each month in full PCI-DSS compliance.